Our Stories

At the heart of Tarab NYC is its fabulous, diverse, talented, and resilient community.  This community represents a rich tapestry of experiences, and it is our privilege to be able to witness the stories that each Community Member holds.  To celebrate these stories, we are dedicating this page of our website to the poems, art, biographies, articles, essays, and other works that represent where we come from.

Our goals for this project are:

  • To build solidarity among our community by highlighting the unique and shared aspects of our experiences
  • To act as a beacon to those who look for us, letting them know that there are others who have been through what they are going through
  • To tell our stories on our terms

We are proud to present these stories, and we invite you to explore these vignettes into our incredible community.

If you are a member of Tarab NYC and you are interested in submitting your own story to this project, follow this link for more information!

Most Recent Stories