Our Stories: “Sharing My Reflections”

By: Anonymous
The following is a contribution by one of our Community Members to the Our Stories project.  
I believe storytelling is powerful and important. I believe we are all on journeys, and sharing stories about our journeys is important. Here are some quick takes on who I am and what my journey has looked like coming into myself as a queer arab latina.

Regions I’m from: Syria/Lebanon, through South America (Arab-Latina on my dad’s side), and Bulgaria (on my moms side). Born and raised in California. I grew up on colonized Tongva land, and now live on colonized Lenape land.
Gender identity: Cis-woman; cross-dresser
Pronouns: she/her or they/them
Sexual orientation: Queer. And: not attracted to people based on their gender identity.
Religion: Atheist, raised Antiochian Orthodox Christian
First Tarab NYC story: I had to go all the way from New York to a conference in Colorado to learn about Tarab NYC, about 6 years ago now?  I attended a MENA caucus, and found out the facilitator was from Tarab NYC, and actually lived not too far away! What a small world. I followed all the things Tarab NYC was up to from that point forward, but it took me about two more years before I found time to attend my first event (I think it was NYC Pride!).
Big impact Tarab NYC story: My first queer Iftar was hosted by Tarab NYC three or four years ago. I have never felt more seen and visible for who I am as a whole person than at that event. I was sharing a small story about my family, that I have shared many many many times before. But it was the first time I told that story, and the person I shared it with understood immediately, and so so deeply. I get emotional even thinking about that moment now.
On my mind lately:
– What is “out”?
– Accessibility.
– Visible and invisible disabilities.
– Sovereignty: of land and of our bodies.
Invitation: Join me at the next Indigenous Peoples Day event in NYC?
In solidarity.