Introducing a New Project from Tarab NYC

Help Us Tell Our Stories!

Tarab NYC is launching an exciting new project that entails collecting and sharing the stories, experiences, and narratives of our incredible Queer MENA community.  We plan to share these stories on our website so that community members and others can learn about our experiences on our terms.

These stories could cover any subject matter (for example: coming out, not coming out, responses to current events, culinary adventures, important moments, tributes to important people/places/things) and can take any form (such as stories, interviews, poems, art, music).  The stories we collect would be displayed in a new section of our website.

Note: sharing stories does not necessarily mean disclosing your identity; we would be happy to honor any desire to remain anonymous.

Our goals with this project are:

  • To build solidarity among our community by highlighting the unique and shared aspects of our experiences
  • To act as a beacon to those who look for us, letting them know that there are others who have been through what they are going through
  • To tell our stories on our terms

For now, this project will be limited to Community Members, as we want to honor their commitment and contributions to our unique community.

If you are interested in contributing and/or learning more about this project,  send an email to Nick Baitoo, one of our Board Members.  He will be collecting these stories, and he is happy to provide any coaching, collaboration, and/or brainstorming that would support you in refining and presenting a story that you would feel comfortable submitting

If you have not yet signed up to become a community member, we would like to invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to do so!  You can join here!

With love,

Tarab NYC