What’s Next for Tarab NYC?

Launch night was amazing! Just a month ago, performances, music and over 100 people packed the small, hot and fabulous Fairytails Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen.  We have outgrown our first venue and are looking for the next hot spot to host Tarab NYC. Email subscribers will be the first to know where and when (psst… before Ramadan) the next Tarab NYC nightlife event will be. We are also more than nightlife, email subscribers will be the first to know of other events we plan on holding including “Tarab at the Beach” and “Chai, Argeelah, wa Tarab”!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments by sending an email to contact@sogie.net, sending a tweet to our organizer @makhay or sending a note to our facebook page.

Bil tarab,

Tarab NYC