Tarab NYC Needs Your Support

Your support is vital to the success of Tarab NYC!

A message from founder and board member Bashar Makhay.

This past month has been an amazing prideful, heartbreaking and graceful month. In one month we celebrated Pride in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, mourned the loss of our queer (mostly Latinx) siblings in Orlando and supported those observing the holy time of Ramadan. We held iftars, marched in prides, participated in rallies, honored those lost in vigils, outreached at Mashrou Leila concert,  provided statements of support and solidarity and kept on dancing at the biggest Queer POC party at pride, Color Me Queer.

Its been a crazy month and its been an expensive month.  Our expenses in June alone have amounted to over $2000 and has led us to use whatever savings we have had left and still owe to our vendors. Can you support Tarab NYC by donating and helping us reach our goal of $2000?  If so, please consider making a donation here: http://tarabnyc.org/donate/. In order to do everything that we want to do at Tarab NYC, we need to raise at least $6000 for the year, every dollar you donate help us continue to provide space for the community and allows us to support programming we have done and need to do, including discussion support groups, membership only spaces, Arabic terms project, and more arts and culture events.

In addition, there are other ways you can help!  Apply to join our board by visiting: http://tarabnyc.org/jointheboard/ by July 15th. Also consider volunteering at any of our future events including our Eid mixer on July 11th and soon to be announced Tarab On The Beach on July 31st! (We are also supporting this viewing of Dear Armen on July 6th!)

We hope you can help us in this time of need and hope to continue to support the community however we can.

Bil Tarab!

Bashar Makhay, on behalf of the Tarab NYC Board!