Tarab NYC at #CancelPinkwashing & Creating Change in Detroit!

Join us in Detroit for Creating Change where Tarab NYC is providing the ONLY Queer MENA programming!

Orientalism & Pinkwashing: Addressing issues faced by Queer Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) communities
Friday 3PM – 4:30PM – Cadillac B

Queer Middle Eastern and North African Caucus
Friday 6:30PM – 7:30PM – Skyline B

More details here!

Tarab NYC is also proudly a member of #CancelPinkwashing! We already stormed the stage at the Opening Plenary – also join us at

Workshop Session 4:
“GTFO!! How anti-Muslim orgs are co-opting queer organizing”

Workshop Session 5:
“Pride with Prejudice: Exposing the Pinkwashing Agenda”

Workshop Session 6:
Repeat previous workshops, based on audience feedback!

As part of CancelPinkwashing – we DEMAND The Task Force:

1) Lift the informal ban on Palestine and stop pinkwashing Israeli apartheid. Commit to honoring the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel and Israeli institutions.
2) Publicly apologize to the queer and trans Muslim, Jewish, and MENA/SWANA communities, particularly queer and trans Palestinians, for the Task Force’s role in deliberately silencing and censoring these communities and their organizing.
3) Commit to providing time and space for workshops focused on queer and trans decolonization work that includes queer and trans Palestinian liberation.
4) Commit to providing time and space for Jewish and Muslim faith programming that is equal to the time provided for Christian faith programming.

More updates and information can be found on CancelPinkwashing.org and the Facebook Event Page!

See you in Detroit!