So you want to go to the 3rd Annual Tarab On The Beach eh?


TOTB is Sunday, August 24th are you ready?

Sunday, a whole bunch of Arab, Middle Eastern, & North African Queers will be taking over the northern part of RIIS beach, and this post will get you ready honey.

Getting ready to get there!

TOTB starts at noon (EST not CPT), volunteers will be there at 10am to prepare, pitching tents (pun intended) and decorating the beach for your enjoyment.   Before you get there we need to talk about what you will be bringing.  Check out the list below:

  1. Beach blankets or chairs (you need something to relax on)
  2. Sunglasses (Only if you want to see, its going to be sunny hunny)
  3. Sunscreen (No you do not have magic skin that does not burn)
  4. Snacks and Drinks (Try to avoid glass, aint nobody want to get cut)
  5. Plenty of water (Stay hydrated boo.)
  6. Ice (Not the immigration assholes, frozen water, oh an bring a cooler to keep it in)
  7. Plastic Cups/Plates (Ya know, so you can share)
  8. Games (Beach Ball, Tawle, Card Decks, oh girl you should bring twister.)
  9. Towels (duh)
  10. That sexy swimsuit of yours.  (you know, that one that makes everyone come to your yard.)
  11. $5, (Now this event is free but does cost a bit to produce, a donation of $5 or more is welcomed and appreciated.)  🙂


  1. Grills are not allowed. (Unless they are on your teeth, thats cool)
  2. Pets, they can’t be on the beach. (Unless you sneak them in and nobody says anything – it happens)

Now to get there, you have three options: drive your car, take the subway/bus, take the NYC Beach Bus.

While Google Maps will give the best directions and the MTA will always provide the most up to date information on train status, we recommend the following when using mass transit and coming from:
Manhattan/Bronx: Get to a brooklyn bound “2” train to Flatbush Ave, then take Q35 (Near Target) to Jacob RIIS Beach.  OR “A” train to Shuttle to Far Rockaway to the last stop (116th Street) then transfer to the Q22 Bus to Jacob RIIS Beach 149th Street.
Queens: From Woodside take the B53 bus to Rockaway and transfer to the Q22 to Jacob RIIS Beach. 
Brooklyn: B46 or B44 (Williamsburg) B47 (Bushwick) Bus to Flatbush Ave, then transfer to Q35 to Jacob RIIS Beach. OR “2” Train to Flatbush Ave then transfer to Q35 (Near Target) to Jacob RIIS Beach.  OR “A” train to Shuttle to Far Rockaway to the last stop (116th Street) then transfer to the Q22 Bus to Jacob RIIS Beach 149th Street.
Staten Island: Unfortunately there is no bus service to the Rockaways from Staten Island, best to enter through Brooklyn or Manhattan and follow respective directions above.


Take the Belt Parkway to Exit 11S, then Flatbush Avenue south across the Marine Parkway Bridge (toll) to the park. Alternate: Woodhaven Boulevard to Cross Bay Boulevard, then west on Beach Channel Drive to the park. Parking is $10, but we hear it will be free that weekend. For best directions visit Google Maps .

NYC Beach Bus

If you live or can easily get to the Barclay Center or Williamsburg, check out NYC Beach Bus!  Buses run every Saturday & Sunday plus all summer holidays and drops you off right at RIIS beach. The first bus departs at 9am and the last bus leaves at 6:45pm. (so you will have to leave the party a little early) $9 for one way, $12 for round trip, buy your tickets in advance.

I’m at the Beach, how do I get to TOTB?!

When you arrive to the beach, head north (when you face the beach, north is left boo boo), towards the end of the beach before you see houses that start at 149th Street. Look out for Middle Eastern and North African flags, canopies and listen for Arabic music, you can’t miss us!  Check out the map below for exact location.

While at TOTB, Shaku Maku?

Honey, you made it, enjoy yourself, set yourself up in or near the Tarab NYC area, enjoy all the sexiness around you and have an amazing time!  Party ends at sunset, which means we will be packed up by sunset and lingering around and saying good bye to each other numerous times until we actually leave.

For more information about RIIS beach visit the NY Harbor Parks website.

See you at the beach!

-Bashar from Tarab NYC


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