Pride and The Future of Tarab NYC

Hey Tarab NYC Family,

As you likely already know, things have been quiet from the Tarab NYC team and for the first time in years, we have not participated in Queens Pride and have no plans to participate in Brooklyn Pride. We are interested in participating in the NYC Pride March and Queer Liberation Marches, but have not made any solid commitments. We will however be co-organizing Color Me Queer again this year.

Reality is the current board is in a state of transition, maxed out on capacity, and a bit burnt out. With that, we want to invite the community for an Instagram live session this Thursday at 9PM ET to discuss Tarab NYC’s involvement in Pride, the future of the organization, and how we should move forward with empowering new community leaders to join the board. We will also host a feedback session over Google Meet on Thursday, June 16th at 7PM, be sure to RSVP for link. Can’t make either? Send us a DM or email us with your ideas and feedback.

The future of Tarab NYC is in the community’s hands. Help shape it!