Media and Research Inquiries

On Media/Journalist Inquiries 

Tarab NYC recognizes that the media/press has been a part of outreach and connecting to many community members and allies who otherwise may not know about Tarab NYC’s mission, values, and programming. Tarab NYC also recognizes the importance of caution in media messaging in order to preserve the integrity of our values and narratives as well as to maintain the safety of our community. As a volunteer organization, we are unable to control all press or media involvement in all of our activities; however, our organization strives to mitigate these concerns when possible by implementing a strict press and media policy.

In order to obtain Tarab NYC’s permission to record, photograph, or interview any community member for the purpose of publication, all press and/or media inquiries must complete the following:

Please provide:

    1. A description as to why you wish to engage with Tarab NYC and its community
    2. Where will this be published? What is your angle?
    3. A history of your work (if available), especially related to Queer / MENA communities.
    4. An acknowledgement that you have read and agree with Tarab NYC’s mission and values

Upon approval:

      1. You must receive written consent from any community member you or your agency intends to record, photograph, or engage.
      2. Provide your final product for review at least a week prior to publication, unless agreed otherwise.

Tarab NYC withholds the right to deny media requests at any point in their processes.  Publications released without undergoing this process or our consent are subject to action by Tarab NYC.

On Academic/Research Inquiries

If a request is received for Tarab NYC to connect members of our community with an academic institution (researchers and students), companies, or individuals for whatever reason, the following context must be provided for review.

  1. A description of the request.
  2. Information about your organization/affiliation – including funding sources, if possible.
  3. How will Queer Middle Eastern and North African community benefit from this request?
  4. A history of your work (if available), especially related to Queer / MENA communities.
  5. An acknowledgement that the individual making the request and the entity affiliated with the individual making the request have read and agree with Tarab NYC’s mission and values.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned, the Tarab NYC board will review the request and provide a response.