Introducing the First Edition of the Tarab NYC Zine!

Introducing the first edition of the Tarab NYC Zine, edited by Zinemaker and Tarab NYC Board Member, Aram Ronaldo. Zines can be an important part of art practice in that they can showcase art in a widely distributable and accessible manner. The issue features drawings, writings, poetry, collages, artwork and other forms of expression. This issue is a collaboration with Tarab NYC community folks and allies alongside us in our artivistic (activistic artistry) adventures.

If you are interested in being a part of the next issue, email Aram.

In this issue…

  • Cover, designed by Aram Ronaldo K; page 1
  • Welcome and about page, plus part of Kris’s submission; page 2
  • More of Kris’s zine, quotes from the community, and Summar Abdallah’s embroidery; page 3
  • Checking in with Kahli & Jonah; page 4
  • Centerfold, “Black Fury” by Kagé James; page 5
  • Checking in with Marc & Arnold; page 6
  • Excerpts from Kahli, Jonah, Marc and Arnold’s submissions; page 7
  • More of Kris’s zine Intersex; page 8
  • Thank Yous and map of our NYC community hot spots; page 9
  • Word Search and the last bit of Kris’s zines; page 10
  • Back Cover, other info, another anonymous share, and Summar Abdallah’s henna sketch; page 11

Browse below or download a copy of the PDF!