Changes to Membership Program

Hey folks – after much feedback from the community – we have changed some aspects of our membership program. All the details can be found on our Membership page – the short of it is as follows:

Change of Community Members membership to MENA QTs
The name Community Members was confusing for folks – some people that were not Members though they were because they are “community members” – so now our membership for LGBTQ MENA folks is called MENA QTs. Allies membership is still called Allies.

Volunteer contributions now an option to obtain Membership
After volunteering at-least 4 hours, email us with your volunteer dates, times and what you did.  We will review and send you a discount code for your membership. We are making this option retroactive – if you volunteered in at least 4 hours in 2019 or 2020, this also applies to you. The $25/year option is still available.

All other membership details remain the same.