Nowruz Mubarak!

Nowruz Mubarak Tarab NYC Azizam! We know the start of the new year is quite challenging and we want to extend warm wishes to all those observing the joyous celebration of Nowruz! The situation in Iran is quite difficult – which is why we are supporting this fundraiser organized by Googoosh Dolls for Relief International. Donate today and then check out our very own DJ Fursa’s Technowruz set and dance your koon off!

Response to Covid-19

We know things are tough, we’re here to help. 

First off – our apologies for not being very active communicators – the struggles of being a volunteer run organization are real. For the past month we have been trying to plan Chaharshanbe Suri and Nowruz events. We were especially excited because we had a private queer space for Chaharshanbe Suri. Unfortunately – due to recent events, we and our partners decided it was best to cancel all events before we could even announce them in order to keep our community safe and healthy. Now – we know things are pretty crappy due to the COVID-19 pandemic – so we are announcing changes to our Membership program and the return of Community Support Groups and Community Meetings – this time virtual! 

Community Meetings allow us to come together, get to know each other, reflect on the organizing for the community, and help us plan future events and initiatives. In order to keep folks accountable and to maintain a safe space – this meeting is limited only to MENA QTs members.
March 25 – 7PM
April 8 – 7PM

Join us for a peer support group in which LGBTQ+ persons from the MENA region can process experiences in a safe space. Group discussion can foster support and develop ways of coping with struggles afflicting our community. Advanced registration and screening required. 
March 20 – 6PM
April 3 – 6PM

Changes to Membership Program

Hey folks – after much feedback from the community – we have changed some aspects of our membership program. All the details can be found on our Membership page – the short of it is as follows:

Change of Community Members membership to MENA QTs
The name Community Members was confusing for folks – some people that were not Members though they were because they are “community members” – so now our membership for LGBTQ MENA folks is called MENA QTs. Allies membership is still called Allies.

Volunteer contributions now an option to obtain Membership
After volunteering at-least 4 hours, email us with your volunteer dates, times and what you did.  We will review and send you a discount code for your membership. We are making this option retroactive – if you volunteered in at least 4 hours in 2019 or 2020, this also applies to you. The $25/year option is still available.

All other membership details remain the same.