Meet The 2017 Tarab NYC Board

Hello Tarab NYC Community!

Things have been a bit quiet on our end but that is about to change!  We are excited to announce the 2017 Tarab NYC board!  Read on to learn more about our new board!

miriam-square Miriam is a professional Netflix marathonist and secret poet. She is an Arabic professor and private tutor that also bilingually translates, subtitles, and interprets live. Miri holds an MA in Consciousness Studies (Goddard College) and is working on her MA in Middle Eastern Studies (Graduate Center, CUNY). She’s lived between Cairo, Egypt, Orlando, FL and is currently based in Brooklyn. Miri advocates regularly for public higher education, MENA and diaspora feminisms, queer poetics, and getting an actual full night’s sleep in NYC.
wardeh-square Wardeh is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in a variety of agency and clinical settings. She specializes in working with LGBTQ persons of color, immigrants experiencing bicultural issues, and individuals identified with kink and alternative lifestyles.
amin-square Amin is a techy sexy classy sassy leo based in New York. He was born and raised in Jordan by his loving Palestinian immigrant parents and is one of ten children. He loves his family, Irish partner, friends and community.
alia-square Alia is Egyptian-American and identifies as queer.  You can find her belly dancing at our mixer events, and standing by the door greeting people with a big perky smile! She is currently a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University working towards a TESOL certification to teach high school in New York City public schools.
hilal-square Hilal is a Queer Muslim Lebanese American and a graduate of the CUNY School of Law, where he worked on women’s and LGBT issues as part of the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic. In 2014 he interned in Lebanon, helping resettle LGBT refugees and in 2010 he helped found the Arab Queer Collective to create affirming spaces for LGBTQ identified Arabs living in NYC. He currently spends his time between New York, France, and Lebanon.
bashar-square Bashar, the founder of Tarab NYC, identifies as a Queer Chaldean-Iraqi American Catholic Leftist from Detroit, based in NYC. Bashar is a community organizer, activist and strategist whose work is deeply rooted in his passion for social justice. On the side, Bashar can be found DJing, supporting campaigns, volunteering, biking around NYC, cooking and spending time with his Tarab NYC and Iraqi Transnational Collective families.

We want to thank our community for all your support and expect to hear much more from us soon!

-Tarab NYC Board