Pride S3eda wa Ramadan Mubarak!

برايد سعيدة و رمضان مبارك

Happy Pride & Ramadan Mubarak

Considered to be the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset has begun. Tarab NYC extends warm wishes to its members and friends that are observing this holy month.  

This year, the start of Ramadan also coincides with the NYC Pride March in which Tarab NYC is proud to be marching in. If you are watching the march, be sure to look out for us and send us your love and support.  Unfortunately we are still short on donations, so in addition to your love, please send us your monetary support by clicking here.

After the march and/or your Iftar, don’t forget to join us for Color Me Queer, the biggest party for queer people of color at NYC Pride. This year we will be partying our asses off at the AVA Lounge and Rooftop located in the Dream Hotel. Click on the banner below for more details!  CMQ-FB

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Tarab NYC: Donate, Register, Party, March!


Tarab NYC marched in Brooklyn Pride last Saturday. The march was fun, community based, and a great experience for all those that participated. With the exception of a few incidents of racism and ignorance, our presence was visible, long overdue and extremely appreciated. Not surprising, we were greeted by many other Middle Eastern and North African queer folk and allies along the march that made our experience even more magical.

Pride-Donate-FB-In less than two weeks, at NYC Pride, we plan on making our presence even more visible and prideful than ever before. Unfortunately doing so is quite costly, the fee alone to march with a decorated vehicle is $700, and when you add in all the other expenses, such as sound, the vehicle, decorations and so on, we are left with a $2000 bill to participate in pride.

Please help Tarab NYC March in NYC Pride this year! You can donate by clicking here. Can’t donate? Please help by spreading the word or by coming to our NYC Pride Weekend kick off on Friday, June 27th at Madame X. A large portion of the proceeds will benefit Tarab NYC’s participation in NYC Pride. We are also looking for volunteers for our Pride Kickoff on the 27th, if interested, please reply to this email with your interest.

If you are interested in marching, registration is open now but register quickly as space is limited on the vehicle. For more information on all of our events, please see our Facebook events below.

Pride-Party-FB2 NYC-PrideFB CMQ-FB

Tarab NYC Marched in Brooklyn Pride!

The march was fun and community based, we enjoyed it and so did the spectators.  We did however encounter some racism and other bullshit… we can talk more about that later.  Until then check out the pics below!