Make a difference in your community, join the Tarab NYC board! 

If you feel that you can help Tarab NYC build community, develop relationships, fundraise, manage operations, create programs, and spread our mission of fostering an inclusive and safe community for Queer MENA people, then please consider joining our board. In order to attain a more diverse group of applicants, we have decided to accept applications until July 31st. (Which also happens to be Tarab On The Beach).  We plan on following up with all applicants at the beginning of August. While everyone is encouraged to apply, in order to maintain the diverse nature of our organization, women, Trans*, & GNC individuals are heavily encouraged to apply as well as people with non-Arab ethnicities, such as Berbers, Assyrians, Persians, Kurds, etc. We can’t wait to learn more about you, and grow the Tarab NYC family!

While not everyone will be accepted, we encourage everyone to apply! Click here to apply to join the board! If you want to nominate someone or have questions, just hit us up by emailing us.

Many thanks!

The Tarab NYC Board